The Second Sunday After Christmas Day

How dear to me is your dwelling O Lord of hosts! — Psalm 84:1

This past Monday, many of us gathered together to remember one of our parishioners and to celebrate the Life that was so clearly at the center of her own life. We read from John 14 those sweet words of Jesus, “In my Father’s house are many dwelling places...” He spoke these words in an attempt to comfort his disciples who were beginning to worry about what he meant that he would be leaving them soon.

The Psalmist in the text above knew something of this reality well before the days of Jesus. However, since we are considering this text during the season of Christmas, I would like for us to consider what longing for the dwelling of God might mean during the season that we celebrate God’s revelation in a singular human life—the life of Jesus of Nazareth—when God had come to dwell with humanity?

See you on Sunday!




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