Easter Day

It’s finally here… the week we call Holy. It is different—separate from the other weeks. We as Christians are called to the special observance of remembering, contemplating, and celebrating the acts of God in a unique human life some 2,000 years ago. We are celebrating and seeking to enter afresh into the realities that are called to mind this week: Jesus’ final meal with his disciples, the washing of their feet, the arrest in the garden, the interrogation and torture before the Roman governor, the crucifixion, the burial and the resurrection. This is the Mystery of our faith. This is the human life in and through which God has reconciled the world to himself! This is what we celebrate this week!

I hope you can make plans to join us on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday as we remember the great Act of our great God to set the world right—and celebrate its unparalleled Beauty and Power to transform greed into liberality, selfishness into selflessness and hate into love!




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