The Second Sunday After Pentecost

“What are you doing here, Elijah?” — I Kings 19:9, 13

Sometimes this question gets asked as a real search for information. The person asking really doesn’t know why the other is here or what they are here for? At other times, however, the question is asked for the sake of the one being asked. In that instance, the one doing the asking already knows why the other is here, but the one being asked doesn’t know just yet and the question is designed to get them to think more deeply about it.

As is often the case, this question that is either posed to us or we pose to ourselves takes place at key moments in our lives. What am I doing here? How did I get here? And where is here anyway? It is in these moments that we are invited to look at the truth of our lives—the truth about ourselves—the truth about those around us—and because its an invitation to the Truth, it’s ultimately an invitation to Freedom—for it is precisely the truth that shall set us free.

This Sunday, I would like for us to consider this question as it was posed to the great prophet Elijah and see what it might have to say to us. See you on Sunday!




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