The Last Sunday After Pentecost

“Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” — Jesus

Just as we have exited our midterm election cycle we find ourselves as a society thrust immediately into the next one—for the presidency. You think Walmart or KOSI 101.1 are crazy for introducing Christmas kitsch in late October/early November—the political wonks are already on the prowl screaming about 2024! So much for letting tomorrow worry about tomorrow!

Amidst the crazy we will all be subjected to, will be those running for our highest office belittling, accusing, blaming, exaggerating, lying about, and slandering one another—all in the attempt to “win our vote”! Take note of this. Pay attention to their methods. See what results it accomplishes. One of our texts this Sunday speaks about the “shepherds” who “destroy and scatter” the sheep—they create division and thereby bring on death (Jer 23:1ff).

But we come to worship this Sunday to honor our King—the good shepherd who, in taking his throne, gathers the peoples together and does not scatter them for his kingdom requires no victims, no scapegoats, no enemies upon which to build a “better nation”. No! His kingdom is founded on forgiveness—reconciliation and love.

Praise be to the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Prince of Peace!




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