The Second Sunday After the Epiphany

“What are you looking for?” — Jesus of Nazareth

It’s a great question! Obviously, the context in which this question is asked makes all the difference. If it were uttered by the grocery store employee to the shopper standing befuddled in aisle 15, it would not be all that profound of a question, but, when uttered by a young rabbi just declared to be “The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”, it opens the depths of the query!

On this Second Sunday after the Epiphany, we are brought alongside these two early “followers of Jesus” to have this question put to us as well… what are we looking for? We have decided to follow. Some of us have been at it for years, maybe decades. What are we looking for? Some of us have followed at a distance or followed in fits and starts. What are we looking for?

It’s a great question and worthy of an honest reply. Join us this Sunday as we explore this question together and more importantly, our responses to it! See you then!




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