The Fifth Sunday in Lent

“Out of the depths have I called to you O Lord!” — Psalm 130:1

There are many depths out of which humanity calls to the Lord. Perhaps the Psalmist knew something of the Depth’s seemingly infinite number of nooks and crannies one can find themselves caught in—which lead to the use of the plural depths? However many there might be, no one really knows given the lack of light down there… but the Psalmist captures the soul’s plight—wait­ing, hoping, longing, fearful that no answer will come.

We know these depths ourselves: their varied and cavernous darknesses. We are invited this Sunday through the assigned texts to see our own depths in the nation of Israel’s failed hope, the Psalmist attempts at patient waiting, and the suffering sisters calling Jesus for help, and, in each, we are encour­aged to see not just the voices coming out of the depths, but also the Voice calling into the depths.

It is to this Voice that I would like to turn our attention this Sunday. I look for­ward to our time together. See you then!




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