The Day of Pentecost

“The Logos took flesh so that we might receive his Spirit.” — Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, Egypt

This Sunday, we will be celebrating the Feast of Pentecost—the Gift or Coming of the Holy Spirit. What is this all about? Why are the Eucharistic ves­sels and the priests vested in red? What is the deal with speaking in tongues? What is the Spirit for?

The quote above from the 4th-century bishop highlights what is at the heart of the Gift. The Son took what we were unable to heal (our flesh, our nature) and donated his Spirit to it, so that we might Live—and, by living, Jesus means, knowing the Father—this is eternal life, that they might know You! To Live is to realize that Life itself is Gift not Reward and to begin to live in the freedom of its truth, a freedom for love and humble service of our neighbors. This is what Pentecost made possible again—Life with God and one another in righteousness, peace and the joy of the Holy Spirit. See you on Sunday!




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